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Term and condition

Use It is mandatory for you to follow its rules and resources, whether they are made or informed without you being informed. Please read our policy carefully and understand, you have been using this site. This means that you understand all the rules and are ready to follow them. If you do not have any rules or conditions approved, then you can not use the features of this website.

This contract is applicable only to paid user-member and ed. The member (advertiser) is the only one.

  1. The changes in the rules are protected under the rights of the firm but your facilities will not be reduced or stopped without prior notice.
  2. Any type of payment will be done in the name of STEEL EXPRESS only through check or online transfer.
  3. Once ordered, the order will not be canceled and the service charge you pay will not be refunded.
  4. Website copyright and secure under Trademark law. The pages of the site can be used only for getting information or facility. You can not make private.
  5. Your name (firm) password can not be used by any other person. If the other person is found using it, then the service will be terminated without any prior notice.
  6. We are giving you platforms so that you can exchange ideas with other traders, but we are not responsible for the information and transactions given by a person or firm at your own discretion.
  7. The other sites and ads shown and available on this website are only a feature for which the site is not responsive.
  8. Passwords are given for one year (except on opening or other offers). Therefore it is mandatory to deposit the fixed fee one month before the expiry of the duration. If the renewal fee is not deposited next year, passwords will stop working on the due date automatically.
  9. Our representative will not be binding on us without any cash transaction without our knowledge.
  10. False propaganda in advertisements and entries will be restricted to your use of non-violent language usage and unwanted photos, etc. Your password will be prohibited without notice and legal action can be taken.
  11. This contract reserves the right to charge / reduce the facilities available on our site, for this you will be informed earlier.
  12. This site reserves the right to restrict certain features / parts without pre-notification.
  13. The judiciary of any debate will remain Delhi.

If the paid member is found to be violating the above mentioned rules / conditions then the service will be terminated without any prior notice. Thanks!

NOTE: All Objections, Disputes, Differences, Claims and Proceeding Are Subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.

Business Pages
STEEL EXPRESS E-DIRECTORY IS INDIA FIRST SPECIAL E-DIRECTORY WHICH IS A COMBINATION OF STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTS             इंटरनेट युग में कदम बढ़ाते हुए हमनें स्टील एक्सप्रेस ऑनलाइन डायरेक्टरी सेवा प्रारम्भ की है ।             हमारा सदैव प्रयास रहा है कि हम व्यापारी भाईयों को अति उत्तम सेवाओं की पेशकश करें। यह स्टील एक्सप्रेस डायरेक्टरी इस दिशा में एक महत्वपूर्ण कदम है ।             स्टील एक्सप्रेस ऑनलाइन डायरेक्टरी सदैव आपकी जेब में ….. कहीं भी, कभी भी।                STEEL EXPRESS E DIRECTORY IS A COMBINATION OF STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTS LIKE STAINLESS STEEL PIPE AND TUBE, COIL, BALL, BALUSTERS, SHEETS MANUFACTURERS AND TRADERS. ETC.             DATA SHOWN IN WEBSITE IS JUST SELECTIVE / INDICATIVE. FOR COMPLETE UPDATED DATA OF MORE THAN 20,000 INDUSTRIES OF INDIA. PLEASE CONTACT 9818650067, 9871743300